Start Your Journey Simple Makeup Guide For Stunning Results
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Start Your Journey Simple Makeup Guide For Stunning Results

Jul 11, 2024

Are you ready for the beauty and wonder that makeup promises to bring out in any woman? This makeup guide will assist anyone from the absolute newcomer to clay modeling to the person who just wants an easier way to get more intricate work.

Here, I have outlined a list of well-structured procedures in this makeup guide that will help you achieve great makeup and consequently, the desired confidence. Well, in case you are interested in how you can do your homemade face masks, get more beauty tips and tricks from Vortexpedia.

Understanding Your Skin Type

It is vital to know skin type before turning it into a canvas to make amends by applying makeup. It is therefore important to know your skin type so that you may use the appropriate products according to your skin. Here are the common skin types:

Normal Skin: Not too greasy and at the same time not too dry either.

Oily Skin: Tends to produce excess oil in the skin hence shiny skin and probably pimples.

Dry Skin: Said to be dry and may be compared to having tight and flaky skin.

Combination Skin: Combination in some regions while other areas are dry, especially the T-zone.

Sensitive Skin: Exuberant sensitivity and broughty to some of the products.

By knowing your skin type you will be in a better position to select the correct foundation, correct moisturizer, and other products that will make your make-up look perfect.

Step 1: Prepping Your Skin

Skin preparation moves play a very important role in the materialization of makeup as well as making your makeup last longer.

1. Cleanse: Begin with the mild soap that is appropriate for your skin. This is to wash your face of dirt, oil, and other impurities that may be accumulated on your skin.

2. Exfoliate: To get rid of dead skin, you need to exfoliate the skin usually 1-2 times a week. Touch the surface with care so that you do not scratch or harm it in any way.

3. Moisturize: After that, apply the right moisturizer for your skin type so that it can help hydrate the skin. It is through this step that the skin’s surface will be smooth for putting on the makeup.

4. Prime: Applying some type of primer is essential to ensure the base is matt and the makeup lasts longer. Select a primer that solves your skin troubles; if you are an oily skin person, go for a mattifying primer while for dry skin go for a hydrating primer.

Step 2: Creating a Flawless Base

The initial step creates a platform for the other subsequent steps to be made and therefore should be done to perfection. Here’s how to achieve it: Here’s how to achieve it:

1. Foundation: Select a make-up that is appropriate for your skin type and your skin tone, particularly for the base. Paint it on with a brush, sponge, or your bare hands is the best natural method of applying it. Do not leave any harsh edges, blend everything well.

2. Concealer: Hiding imperfections is easier, just use concealer to cover the blemishes, dark circles, or any redness on the face. Right on the area beneath the eyes, in the form of a triangle, and blend it into the surrounding skin.

3. Setting Powder: This is the same as the previous set where before applying blush or bronzer, you should set your foundation and concealer with a translucent setting powder to avoid leaving indentations as well as sheen. Paying more attention to parts that usually develop the oily complexion.

Step 3: Defining Your Features

After having a perfect complexion, it is time to carve your features.

1. Contour: In skin tone, contouring offers depth to your face. The next step is to contour by using the contour powder or cream by applying it on your cheekbones, jawline, and the tip of your nose. They should be blended in order not to bring about hard lines in the overall appearance.

2. Blush: Put on blush to get that extra burst of color on the cheeks. Smile and apply this to the apples of the cheeks while blending it up towards the temples.

3. Highlight: Turn on the light illuminating points of the face to make it radiant. Using the highlighter, dab it on the cheekbones especially the apples of your cheeks, mid of your nose, and the upper lip.

Step 4: Perfecting Your Eyes

Lips are majorly accentuated in the makeup, but your eyes are generally the highlights that stand out most. Here’s how to make them stand out: 

1. Eyebrows: Sharp eyebrows enhance the looks of your face and a messy one spoils your beauty. Trace any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil or powder, by drawing the lines along the direction of the brow hairs.

2. Eyeshadow: Sometimes it is necessary to match the color of the eyeshadow to that of the eyes as well as to the skin tone. Curtain begins with a medium shade all over your lid, and then a slightly darker shade for the crease. Blend well.

3. Eyeliner: After that apply eyeliner to give the most attractive appearance to your eyes. When you want enough definition, line the inside of your eyelashes with a pencil or gel liner. To make it a bit bolder, draw the winged pattern using the liquid liner.

4. Mascara: Complete the eye makeup with mascara. Just apply it to your upper and lower lashes to have more length and volume. Swirling the wand that is placed at the base of the lashes will prevent clumping.

Step 5: Lips That Wow

This is the very important step of the makeup guide that your lips play the last part of your makeup. Here’s how to make them pop: 

1. Lip Liner: First of all, begin with a lip liner of the same color as the lipstick you plan to use. This minimizes the formation of that line that separates the lip liner and lipstick and also ensures the lipstick lasts longer.

2. Lipstick: Put on the lipstick of your choice when you complete the process. To achieve the lip color that lasts put on a coat of lip gloss then blot your lips using tissue paper before putting on your lipstick again.

3. Gloss: If you have a desire to have a very shiny lip you can add some lip gloss on the middle of your lips.

Step 6: Setting Your Makeup

Lastly, to fix your makeup and ensure that it stays for the entire day, it is recommended in this makeup guide that you use a setting spray. Aim the spray in front of you and hold the spray at arm’s length applying the spray in a T and X manner over your face area. This step sets your makeup and gives your skin that synthetic, glowing look.

Essential Tools for Beginners

Possessing the correct equipment causes a splendid variation in makeup application and texture. In this makeup guide here are some must-have tools for beginners:

Foundation Brush/Sponge: For blending and applying the foundation, I use.

Concealer Brush: For a perfect concealer job to be done on the face or any other part of the body as preferred.

Blush Brush: It is used to apply blush on the cheeks of the face.

Contour Brush: It is used in defining the structure of the face and carving it.

Eyeshadow Brushes: A collection of brushes that are used in putting on the eyeshadow and blending.

Eyeliner Brush: For that perfect application of eyeliner as well as to enhance the eye shape and size.

Eyebrow Brush/Spoolie: To shape and tweeze as well as to fill the eyebrows.

Lip Brush: A lip liner is used for the application of lipstick.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some additional tips and tricks in this makeup guide to help you on your makeup journey:

1. Less is More: Go easy into it, and gradually increase the pressure. It is considerably simpler to extend a product rather than to decrease a product.

2. Blend, Blend, Blend: Mixing plays the role of one of the important components that allows for obtaining an African texture. Do not rush when you are applying your makeup, for instance, foundation, and eyeshadow among other products.

3. Practice Makes Perfect: The important thing is to remember that if your makeup isn’t clean and clear the first time, it’s fine. In other words, learning by doing and experimenting is vital.

4. Invest in Quality Products: The collection of quality makeup products necessitates better results and reduces the chances of skin-related complications.

5. Stay Hygienic: Make sure that the makeup tools and the products that are used are clean to avoid infections of the skin or acne.

6. Match Your Makeup to the Occasion: The decision about makeup depends on the event you are going to. It is always good to have natural makeup for casual use since intense makeup is suitable for occasions such as weddings and funerals.

Troubleshooting Common Makeup Issues

You can potentially experience several issues when it comes to makeup, especially if you are new to it. Here’s how to troubleshoot them:

If you’re experiencing a cake-like finish, it may be time to reconsider the amount of foundation being applied. Make sure to apply less this time and mix it very well. 

Another tip concerning the tools used when applying the makeup can also be of great assistance: a damp makeup sponge will turn out to give the skin a smoother finish.

2. Creasing Concealer: Apply concealer and then dust it with a sheer powder to prevent the concealer from setting on the lines and creasing. It is gentle enough for everyday use, apply a small amount and tap it softly into the skin.

3. Fading Eyeshadow: An eyeshadow primer will ensure your eyeshadow lasts longer, and so you should apply the eyeshadow primer. This makes it have a smooth base and in return increases and intensifies the pigment.

4. Smudged Eyeliner: However, in case your eyeliner tends to smudge as the day goes by, it is best to use a waterproof eyeliner. One-tenth of a mile to the west and turning left is the Supermart, Indra’s favorite shopping destination, stocking every product from hair gel to eyeshadow to eyeliner.

5. Bleeding Lipstick: The common beauty tip that people have for avoiding bleeding from lipstick is that they should first apply lip liner to their lips before applying lipstick. It is also advisable to apply a lip primer, or if, for some reason, you cannot use a lip primer, take some foundation and put it on your lips lightly.


Starting your makeup may prove to be fun and challenging at the same time but with the right advice and tutorials, you will be on your way to achieving the perfect flawless look. Please bear this in mind, it is okay to wear makeup as it is a form of art where one can freely be creative and make the best out of what is naturally provided.

In the last analysis, there need be no strait-jacketed routine, it should be possible to have fun with it all. At Vortexpedia, we ensure that you get the best beauty tips and makeup guide to enable you to create the best makeup look. As you read this, keep it up for more guides and articles to empower your beauty regime.

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