6 Easy Tips to Keep Veneer Doors Looking New Longer
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6 Easy Tips to Keep Veneer Doors Looking New Longer

May 30, 2024

Having a veneer door adds a classical touch of natural beauty mixed with the reliability of wood, turning your personal space into a haven. These doors go beyond providing privacy and protection against the entry of unwanted elements, as they tend to upscale the appeal of the room. They are thin layers of wood specially procured from logs.

That’s why, being a natural wood product, veneers do require adequate maintenance to last longer and be beautiful for many years . So, pay attention carefully to this post to learn some top-priority guidelines from CenturyPly for maintaining your veneer doors and enjoying their ultimate benefits.

6 Golden Rules of Maintaining the Lusture and Allure of Your Veneer Doors

Any veneer product usually requires little maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect to maintain this important part of your property. Also, being a natural wood product, veneers tend to react worse if they are exposed to improper cleaning or moisture. So, here are some cleaning tips to ensure that your veneer door complements your interior design in the long run.

  1. Dust it Often

Dust is a prime factor in lowering the appearance quality of any item. In the case of veneer doors, they diminish the overall shine and look, which can result in poor appeal if you have made any interior designs for your home. So, clean it regularly with a lint-free, microfibre duster or a soft cloth to increase the longevity of its appearance. However, ensure to avoid contact with abrasive materials on the door surface as they might scratch off the veneer.

  1. Clean with Care

As mentioned earlier, veneer for doors is procured from natural wood. Therefore, gentle cleansing is required to avoid damaging the surface. To clean it every day, mix a few drops of dishwashing soap and water, or use a non-abrasive, mild wood furniture cleanser. Apply the solution to a sponge or soft cloth and start by gently wiping the door surface from top to bottom.

  1. Keep Away Moisture

Bloating and warping on the veneer wood surface happen if the veneer is exposed to moisture. So, while cleaning, ensure your solution uses the least water to prevent the wood from getting soaked. In case there are any spills, ensure that you instantly wipe them and apply placements or coasters to shield the surface from moisture.

  1. Shield it from Direct Sunlight

Exposing veneer to direct sunlight over time can rupture it. So, ensure to place the doors away from sunlight. If the rays enter the windows and fall on the doors, you can use UV protective film, curtains, and blinds on your window to block the harmful rays to fall on the fall on the doors.

  1. Seek Professional Restoration

Do not try to restore the veneer door (especially if you have installed decorative veneers all by yourself if it is damaged. Seek professional restoration once your veneer door has minor scratches or loses its shine. This is because these professionals know, based on their experience, how to reseal and refinish the veneer, giving back its original beauty.

  1. Know the Manufacturer’s Instruction

Once you get your veneer door installed, it’s highly recommended that you know how to maintain it to keep its charm for longer periods. This is because not all veneer doors are the same, and different finishes and types are engineered for various purposes. As a result, the maintenance requirement also changes with each type, and you must follow it without fail.


Veneer doors are priceless items that upscale the elegance and warmth of any room due to their direct procurement from nature. Maintaining them is a requirement to keep their original beauty for many years.

Make sure­ to choose top-grade vene­er doors for your home improvement projects , enabling you to dodge se­rious harm like chipping or peeling whe­n cleaning or due to damage. Use­ the guidelines share­d earlier and enjoy your home­’s everlasting charm! 

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