5 Common Reasons For Car DPF Filter Blockage
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5 Common Reasons For Car DPF Filter Blockage

Apr 5, 2024

In this article we will be discussed about 5 Common Reasons For Car DPF Filter Blockage as Diesel vehicles are staunchly at the centre of attention because of the recent scandal involving the VW diesel, and for numerous wrong reasons. Sure, diesel vehicles consume less fuel, cost less to fill up, and have comparatively more kinetic energy than their gasoline counterparts, but many people overlook the disturbing DPF filter.

DPF filters are made of earthenware as well as fine mesh and remove soot and other undesirable particles from diesel exhaust gases. They are an essential component of all contemporary internal combustion engines, but they can quickly negate any advantages of owning a diesel vehicle.

Unfortunately, notwithstanding the advantages, DPFs do fail, and also many internal combustion engine car owners are unaware that by not driving enough miles and spending too much time in cities, they may be contributing to the failure.

Because some automakers have been required to consider replacing some in the first three years and some never, it is difficult to determine when a DPF will fail. If you require car DPF cleaning then you should browse dpf cleaning services.

Here Are Some DPF Problems Causes

Flawed EGR

Exhaust gas return (EGR) valves are used to recirculate used exhaust air back in and out of diesel engines to lower unpleasant emissions. They are essential in lowering nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions, but if done incorrectly, they can lead to a variety of problems. EGR valves decrease the amount of oxygen that is available in the cylinder, which in turn raises the number of diesel particulates produced (fuel which has only partially combusted). A malfunctioning EGR valve might very well increase the number of particulate matter the engine produces, hastening the clogging of your DPF.

The Wrong Oil Was Used

Most automakers require an oil with a low SAPS/Ash content. Sulphated Ash, a byproduct of combustion emissions that creates the DPF “mesh” filter to prematurely clog, is what low SAPS oils were indeed made to be low in. If in doubt, researchers advise having your oil changed with the type of oil that is best for your car. Trust researchers, an oil change is much less expensive than a DPF regeneration. Why not make the change home improvement if you’re searching for low SAPs oil and therefore are handy with rubber bands? Engine oils can be found on Amazon for prices that would make your neighbourhood grease monkey blush.

Faulty Or Ineffective Fuel Injectors

Faulty fuel injectors have, up until recently, been largely ignored when examining the reasons behind clogged DPF filters. An angry driver who frequently encountered problems with his DPF blockage tried contacting us. The faulty propulsion system that was supplying too many petroleum products into the delicate air/fuel mixture was ultimately identified as the root cause. The car ran rich as a result of the extra fuel, cluttering the filter with extra soot.

Defective Centrifugal Supercharger

Modern diesel cars can suffer severe damage from a malfunctioning turbocharger (Trodo). Anything that disturbs the delicate air-fuel mixture will cause your diesel engine to emit even more foul black soot since it already does. Large amounts of oil may also leak from a malfunctioning turbocharger into the fuel system, drowning the DPF in a sea of lubricating oils.

Short Distances

One of the main causes of many drivers’ blockage problems is the start-stop nature of city driving. It can be extremely difficult to duplicate the conditions required for either active or passive DPF rejuvenation when driving through built-up areas because of short distances, low speeds, and the start-stop nature of city driving.


If you are car lover then you must interested in fastest cars in USA. For this purpose vortex pedia provide you opportunity. Now Let’s sum up and talk about 5 Common Reasons For Car DPF Filter Blockage. Can you continue driving while the DPF light is on? Technically, the answer is yes, but we do not advise it. If you completely disregard the DPF illumination and keep driving, the soot buildup will eventually cause your car to go into hibernation mode to safeguard the engine.

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